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CAMPUS® Datasheet | Bakelite® PF 51

This datasheet of Bakelite® PF 51 from Hexion Specialty Chemicals is provided by the international plastics database CAMPUS.

This datasheet includes:

Bakelite® PF 51 | PF-NF | Momentive Specialty Chemicals
Informations produit

Product description:

Phenolic moulding compound, organically filled, reinforced with cotton fibres, increased notched impact strength, standardized moulding compound.

Application areas:

Contact support power switch, switch covers magnetic switches, pulleys, tension/deflection pulleys, covers, handwheels.

Property Name Value Unit Standard No.
Apparent density (moulding compound) 0.6 g/cm³ ISO 60
Moulding shrinkage (compression moulding, longitudinal)  0.4 % ISO 2577
Post shrinkage (compression moulding, 168h/110°C) 0.55 % ISO 2577
Compr. strength (test spec. flat tested) 225 MPa ISO 604
Flexural strength (2mm/min) 90 MPa ISO 178
Flexural modulus 7500 MPa ISO 178
Ball indentation hardness (H 961/30) 280 MPa ISO 2039/P1
Water absorption (24h/23°C) 85 mg similar to ISO 62
Additional characteristics: Z, Typ, P

Preparation of Test Specimens of Thermosetting Moulding Compound

  • Compression to ISO 295
  • Injection to ISO 10724

Storage capability
2 years (relative humidity of 50-60% and maximum storage temperature of approximately 20°C)

Propriétés mécaniquesValeurUnitéNorme du test
Résistance au choc Charpy, +23°C 7 kJ/m² ISO 179/1eU
Résistance au choc Charpy (entaillé), +23°C 2.7 kJ/m² ISO 179/1eA
Propriétés thermiquesValeurUnitéNorme du test
Température de fléchissement s/chrg, 8.00 MPa 120 °C ISO 75-1/-2
Propriétés électriquesValeurUnitéNorme du test
Permittivité relative, 100Hz 16.5 - IEC 60250
Facteur de pertes, 100Hz 0.25 E-4 IEC 60250
Résistivité transversale 1E9 Ohm*m IEC 60093
Résistivité superficielle 1E10 Ohm IEC 60093
Rigidité diélectrique 9.5 kV/mm IEC 60243-1
Indice de résistance au cheminement 125 - IEC 60112
Propriétés diversesValeurUnitéNorme du test
Masse volumique 1420 kg/m³ ISO 1183
Préparation et conditionnement des éprouvettesValeurUnitéNorme du test
Injection, temp. de la matière plastif. 115 °C ISO 10724
Injection, vitesse d'injection 170 mm/s ISO 10724
Injection, pression de maintien 100 MPa ISO 10724
Injection, durée de recuit 25 min ISO 10724
Compression, température du moule 160 °C ISO 295
Compression, temps de recuit 1 min ISO 295
Module de cisaillement dynamique / Température, Bakelite® PF 51, PF-NF, Momentive Spec Chemicals
Moulage par injection, Moulage par transfert
Disponibilité régionale
Autres informations
Moulages par injection
Temperature of material:105-115°C
Mould temperature:160-190°C
Curing time:10-20sec
Further Information:
Barrel temperature
  - Feed zone:60-75°C
  - Nozzle zone: 80-100°C
Cavity moulding pressure: >15MPa
Back pressure: 0.5-2MPa
Holding pressure:60% of injection pressure
Moulage par compression
Mould temperature:160-190°C
Curing time:20-40sec
Cavity moulding pressure: >15MPa
                   Momentive Specialty Chemicals GmbH
                                Gennaer Str. 2 - 4
                   58642 Iserlohn - Letmathe, Germany

                       Telefon +49 (0) 2374 / 925 280
                       Fax       +49 (0) 2374 / 925 723

Important Information

As international harmonization of testing procedures progresses,
previously used national standards are increasingly being replaced by
ISO (DIN EN ISO) standards.
All information, recommendations and suggestions provided by Bakelite AG
in the form of verbal or written communication, or in pertinent data
bases, represent our best knowledge and experience. Such data are
non-binding in character, and do not represent, either explicitly or
implicitly,  assurances or a guarantee of specific properties. The
specified parameters merely represent typical data; they do not form a
basis for either a guarantee or a specification. The information,
recommendations and suggestions we provide describe our products and
possible applications in general or exemplary terms; they do not relate
to specific cases. The process of constant continued development and
improvement of our products can lead to changes in pertinent parameters,
texts and illustrations; no special mention is made of possible
alterations. Our technical advice does not free the customer of its
responsibility to verify our current information, in particular our
technical data sheets, safety data sheets and technical information

The customer will conduct its own tests of our products to determine
their suitability for the intended processes and uses, as well as to
establish that their processing properties are appropriate in the
pertinent situation, since our products may be used in a wide range of
technical applications that involve very different requirements
according to the specific situation. Therefore, such specific cases
are outside our control, and are the exclusive responsibility of the
customer. A pertinent agreement is necessary in case a binding assurance
of specific parameters is required. Customers and users of our products
must themselves observe possible patent rights, existing legislation
and regulations. This publication does not represent a license, nor
does it authorize infringement of any type of patent.
Note: This version supersedes and replaces all previous publications on
this subject. "Bakelite" is a registered brand of Bakelite AG in more
than 50 countries throughout the world. In the USA, "Bakelite" is a
registered brand of the Georgia Pacific Corporation. Bakelite AG is
licensed to use the brand name "Bakelite" for epoxy resins in the USA.

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